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Atlantic Outdoors builds beautiful Pavilions. With many options to chose from, you can really design a one-of-a-kind!

Pavilion Builder

As a leading pavilion builder and installer, Atlantic Outdoors will provide you with a durable pavilion that is sure to stand the test of time. Trusted by local construction companies as one of the best and most dependable pavilion builders around, Atlantic Outdoors has the process down to a customizable science. Once your deck details are processed with our design team, you will receive a 3D image of your project so you can visualize your new pavilion before it’s ever constructed.

Because of our skills and experience, Atlantic Outdoors is an affordable and reliable choice!

Handcrafted with Options

We design and build with your lifestyle in mind!  Each Pavilion is handcrafted with the finest materials.  Our team proudly builds with a strong attention to detail. Our new Timber Frame Pavilions are built with skilled craftsmanship of bygone years from start to finish.

There are many options, and we have the ability to customize any pavilion. If you like a pre-built design, we can order and install both quickly and affordably.

Popular options include:

  • roof types, such as open gabel, hip roof
  • style options such as bell-shaped, ramada, cabana
  • materials such as vinyl, metal, pressure treated wood
  • decorative options bell shaped cupola, metal hardware, fans, lighting

Can an Pavilion really add value to my home when I go to sell?

According to Homes and Gardens magazine, most homes that add an outdoor feature, like a pavilion can see about a 10% increase in their investment.  Something that practical with minimal upkeep, can allow homeowners to raise their selling price a little higher.

Whether you are looking for a large picnic area, a backyard barbecue, or a poolside retreat, we can build a structure that you will enjoy for many, many years. With many vendor options in our network, we have the ability to customize any pavilion. If you like a pre-built design, we can order and install both quickly and affordably.

With hundreds of successful installs, you can trust Atlantic Outdoors. We are proud off our structure that makes you want to be outdoors!

Visit our social media pages for additional ideas and examples of our work or contact us directly to talk to someone about how we,  your deck builder/installer, can help!

Both standard and customizable sizes available

Our highly specialized small crew keeps cost down but quality high

Coverage areas include entire Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions

Get an estimate on your next project and talk to someone who can help.

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