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Vinyl Cozy Retreat Pergola Kit



Add a covering and side curtains to create a shady spot on a sunny afternoon, or a bit of privacy as evening closes in. With so many shapes, sizes and gorgeous options, you can create a pergola to perfectly suit your tastes.

Lattice walls, decorative posts and other special details make it easy to create your own little corner of the world in your backyard landscape. An ideal retreat, any time of day.

Standard Features
  • Appearance grade pressure treated lumber – no stain
  • Vinyl includes double 2×8 header on 2 sides with corner braces
  • 2×6 runners with décor ends
  • 2×2 top runners
  • 5×5 posts
  • 16” post base for cedar or PT
  • Double 2×6 return beams on 2 sides with corner braces
  • Mounting brackets
How To Customize

Our DIY kits are the perfect way to create your own outdoor oasis, and with a wide range of options and features to choose from, you can truly make it your own. It’s important to note that these options may affect the final cost and customization options will vary by kit type and size.

Standard Kits include preset features such as size, material and color selections—additional features can be customized after purchase. Once you select and pay for your base options, our team will work with you to discuss any additional preferences and provide you with a new quote that reflects your upgrades.

Simply include a note when checking out letting us know you’re interested in additional upgrade options and our knowledgeable team will contact you directly to walk you through your new pergola, pavilion or gazebo upgrade.

All orders are subject to 2-8 weeks for delivery based on availability and customization requirements.
Please be advised that shipping time may change without notice due to product supply and demand.

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Includes electrical wiring with one (1) receptacle.

Need additional receptacles?


The perfect outdoor space

The refreshment of nature is waiting—in your backyard. All you need to unwind and enjoy family and friends is the time-honored pergola.

The most open and airy of outdoor structures, pergolas block none of the gentle, refreshing breezes you want, while letting in a welcome portion of the sun’s warming rays.

Pergolas are adaptable. For a more private area, side curtains are attractive and easy to add. For more protection against strong sun or light rain a variety of covering options are possible, from fabrics to fiberglass to retractable shade canopies.

When woven throughout the top beams, cloth coverings are both beautiful and functional. Cover a pergola with vines or lush greenery and you have an eco-friendly solution for keeping out unwanted sunlight and staying dry in mild showers.

When it comes to style, you can choose from our classic and contemporary designs in a range of looks that will match your home and personal taste. Plus, our wide variety of sizes means you’ll find one that perfectly fits the space you have available.

Pergolas are large outdoor shade structures that provide sun protection through the slotted roof. Typically our teams build pergolas with a lattice-style roof and standard posts. Including one to cover an entire patio is the perfect spot for one.  A common accessory can be a canopy to be able to control sunlight.

Handcrafted Pergolas

We design and build with your lifestyle in mind. Because each pergola is handcrafted with the finest materials, we build them with close attention to detail. Ours are built with skilled craftsmanship of bygone years from start to finish. Just take one close look at the detail of the mortise and tenon beams. This type of build is to add to the structural soundness of our pergolas.

With many options in our network, we have the ability to customize any pergola. If you like a pre-built design, we will order and install both quickly and affordably.

With hundreds of successful installs, you can trust Atlantic Outdoors to provide you with a reliable structure that makes you want to be outdoors.

Why Buy a Vinyl Pergola?

Today’s vinyl is a high quality product that’s strong, durable and beautiful. The best part? Very little maintenance is required to keep it clean and fresh looking year after year—just mild soap and water does the trick. Plus, because our vinyl is made from 50% recycled materials using nonpolluting manufacturing methods, you can feel good about more than just the beauty of your vinyl pergola… You can know that you’re helping protect the environment, too.

  • Maintenance Free
  • Durable
  • Won’t Warp
  • Won’t Crack or Split
  • Looks fresh

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