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Everything You Need to Know About Pavilion Kits

A white pavilion with the setting sun shining upon it.

If you’re looking to build a pavilion for your backyard, let us stop you from making a relatively simple process needlessly difficult and complex. Rather than going out to town with a list of materials necessary for your build, you can simply get a pavilion kit and build your pavilion in as little as a single day’s time.

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What Are Pavilion Kits?

Pavilion kits are easy-to-use, pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained wooden or metal structures that come in ready-to-assemble packages, along with all the necessary materials, fasteners, and assembly instructions. 

These kits are extremely convenient, as they eliminate the need for research and extensive material shopping and allow you to build your dream backyard pavilion by yourself by providing you with everything necessary to do so. What makes these pavilion kits so great is that anyone with some DIY experience could assemble them following the provided instructions since they really require minimal tools and skills to put together. 

Why You Should Choose a Pavilion Kit

Choosing a high-quality pavilion kit over building your own pavilion or a gazebo to decorate your outdoor space provides several different benefits. One of the biggest benefits associated with pavilions is the time efficiency that’s associated with their use. 

Building a pergola, a pavilion, a gazebo, or any other similar outdoor structure from scratch often takes weeks of planning and material shopping alone. Sometimes, even months. With a kit, you gain access to a ready-to-assembly structure that can be, most frequently, set up in a day. 

They’re also quite cost-effective, as they eliminate the need to buy different materials separately, which quickly adds up to the overall costs of building a custom pavilion. With kits, you get all the necessary materials delivered to you at a more affordable price. 

Another benefit is their user-friendly design, which means that they’re easy to put together without requiring any specialized tools and skills. They often come with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble them. 

Lastly, pavilion kits are customizable; they often come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles to choose from, and most manufacturers often have numerous accessories to offer for their products, such as screens, curtains, or lighting, which allows you to further customize your outdoor living space. 

Different Types of Pavilion Kits

Besides being practical, pavilions come in different styles to complement your home or add architectural interest to your backyard, so it’s a good idea to ask yourself what kind of design you would like. Here’s a short list of different types of pavilions: 

  • Traditional pavilions: Traditional pavilions are often synonymous with wood pavilion kits and timber frame pavilions, which have a hip roof supported by four posts with simple braces. These simple and often unassuming designs fit nicely into different home and garden styles. 
  • A-frame pavilions: These pavilions are characterized by their gable roofs, which give off a cabin-like feel. They’re available in different materials and configurations, including vinyl pavilion kits.
  • Hampton pavilions: Hampton pavilions have round columns and arched headers and add style and sophistication to any backyard they’re built in. Like all other models, these also come in custom sizes and different materials, though they’re most commonly made of vinyl and wood. 
  • Santa Fe pavilions: Santa Fe pavilions are made of wood or vinyl with a skillion roof, which often looks like a pergola. 

What to Consider When Buying Pavilion Kits

Though it may offer plenty of benefits compared to traditional building methods, buying a pavilion kit isn’t as simple as walking into a store and simply purchasing a product. There are actually a lot of considerations to be made, and the more thought you put into the process upfront, the less you’ll stress in the long run. 

The first consideration is the material, which should be durable and suitable for your climate conditions. These mostly include wood, such as redwood, pine, or red cedar pavilions, or metals, such as aluminum or steel. Each of these has its own benefits and maintenance requirements.

The next thing you want to consider are the size, shape, and different pavilion styles. Determine the appropriate size based on the intended use and available space, and consider how many people you want to accommodate. 

Depending on the type of pavilion you’re assembling, you might want to consider laying some foundational material, like concrete pads, pavers, or just some leveled ground with compacted gravel. Lastly, look for customization options that meet your specific needs and wants, such as a different color, finishes, or decorative elements. 


If you’re looking for a pavilion kit to make your backyard more enjoyable, Atlantic Outdoors offers high-quality products that are accessible and easy to assemble without requiring specialized tools or skills.

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