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  • Pressure-Treated Wood Cozy Retreat Pergola Kit

    Withstand time and outdoor elements with this classically styled pergola. Our warm wood is beautiful and practical, framing your candlelit dinner table, or as a natural accent to any blossoming landscape.

    Standard Features
    • Appearance grade pressure treated lumber – no stain
    • Vinyl includes double 2×8 header on 2 sides with corner braces
    • 2×6 runners with décor ends
    • 2×2 top runners
    • 5×5 posts
    • 16” post base for cedar or PT
    • Double 2×6 return beams on 2 sides with corner braces
    • Mounting brackets
    How To Customize

    Our DIY kits are the perfect way to create your own outdoor oasis, and with a wide range of options and features to choose from, you can truly make it your own. It’s important to note that these options may affect the final cost and customization options will vary by kit type and size.

    Standard Kits include preset features such as size, material and color selections—additional features can be customized after purchase. Once you select and pay for your base options, our team will work with you to discuss any additional preferences and provide you with a new quote that reflects your upgrades.

    Simply include a note when checking out letting us know you’re interested in additional upgrade options and our knowledgeable team will contact you directly to walk you through your new pergola, pavilion or gazebo upgrade.

    All orders are subject to 2-8 weeks for delivery based on availability and customization requirements.
    Please be advised that shipping time may change without notice due to product supply and demand.

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With our assortment of pressure treated pergola kits, you can create a long-lasting outdoor structure that the whole family will love. Enjoy everything from a fire-side evening with friends to a prayerful morning with your spouse by choosing from our pressure treated pergola kits. With a range of styles and designs, you can find the right pressure treated pergola kit for your outdoor space.

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