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Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space with a DIY Pergola Kit

A pergola with a fireplace.

With summer in full swing, families are eagerly seeking ways to bask in the warm weather. Imagine the joy of spending long, leisurely hours in a comfortable backyard space designed to cater to the entire family. Fortunately, affordable options like pergola kits can transform your outdoor area into a haven of relaxation and fun. 

DIY pergola kits are perfect for homeowners who want to tackle a small project over the weekend. Since most sets include preset features such as size, material, and color selections, they’re fairly easy to assemble. 

Not sure which pergola kit to purchase? Check out our full catalog of options!

Choosing the Right Pergola Kit for Your Home

One of the perks of choosing a DIY pergola kit is that you can decide which set works best for your home. When considering your options, it’s important to choose not only a kit that matches the design of your house but also one that will increase the value of your property. 

At Atlantic Outdoors, customers can choose between four different types of materials — cedar wood, pressure-treated wood, metal and vinyl. Each option has its benefits that a homeowner should consider. Let’s look at each option.

Cedar Wood Pergola Kit

Homeowners looking for a stylish pergola with wood elements will be happy with the cedar wood kit. This pergola kit and its high-quality components are weather-resistant and easy to assemble. 

The natural make of cedar is also a benefit in several areas. For example, the chemical properties of the wood make it a great bug repellent that can help prevent rotting caused by insects. Cedar wood is also very accepting when it comes to sealers and stains, allowing homeowners to change the color of the structure. 

Pressure-Treated Wood Pergola Kit

Property owners who aren’t as concerned about the look of their pergola should consider the pressure-treated wood option. Even though pressure-treated wood doesn’t accept stains as well as cedar, the material is extremely durable and can battle decay for decades. 

The pressure-treated wood pergola kit is also great against insect attacks. The chemicals used throughout the treatment process are an additional barrier against bugs that tend to cause rotting damage. 

Metal Pergola Kit

A pergola next to a lake. Clouds are overcast, making this a serene environment to relax.

Owners looking for a style different from a traditional wood or vinyl pergola kit should consider the Metal Cabana X Core Pergola Kit

This premium metal pergola kit offers a premium powder coat finish and the ability to adjust post height to match the available space on the property. Customers can also add controlled LED lights and color-changing lights to enhance the experience of their outdoor oasis.

Vinyl Pergola Kit

Vinyl pergola kits offer the least maintenance requirements of the four material options. Since the color is spread throughout, vinyl is often resistant to peeling, chipping, and fading, unlike wood.

Vinyl pergola kits are one of the most durable options available to homeowners. With other materials, extreme weather can affect the integrity of the structure over time. However, that isn’t often a concern with vinyl, making it the perfect option for those living in areas that experience high winds or extreme temperatures.

Atlantic Outdoor Pergola Kits — Easy-to-Assemble, Easy to Love.

Whether you’re looking for a pergola kit made from cedar, pressure-treated wood, metal or vinyl, finding a supplier with high-quality materials is important. At Atlantic Outdoor, our team inspects each pergola kit for quality before it is shipped to the homeowner.  

For more information on our kits, speak with one of our associates today!

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